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The HR Blogger Network is the premier network of blogs dedicated to human resources and human capital management. All participating blogs have been vetted for quality, authenticity and high posting frequency. All publishers have substantial subscriber bases, which ensures the opportunity for high engagement across the network. 

The HR Blogger Network has exclusive right to advertise on the most popular sites featuring leading authors such as The Women of HR, Jennifer McClure, Charlie Judy, Lance Haun, Steve Boose, Dan McCarthy, and Laurie Ruettimann.


Why Advertise on the HR Blogger Network?

Targeted Audience - The HR Blogger Network is the only way to reach a dedicated online community composed largely of CHROs SVPs, and directors of HR.

Unparalleled Reach - There are over 1 million HR professionals in the United States, and traditional media reaches only about one-third of them. These number will continue to decline as print media gives way to online content.

Audience Extension - Your ads don't have to be limited to the sites in our network. This highly targeted and incredibly valuable audience can see your ads even after they've left the HR Blogger Network.

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